EcoPlanet Bamboo’s Eco Resources Fund PCC to go into liquidation


A company called EcoPlanet Bamboo (UK) Ltd launched a “bamboo bond” in 2011. Investors were encouraged to hand over their money, which would be used to establish bamboo plantation in Nicaragua.

Camille Rebelo, one of the co-founders of EcoPlanet Bamboo, claimed that an investment of US$50,000 would see a return of 500% over 15 years. “It’s a guaranteed return to the investor”, she said.

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Thorn Medical withdraws from listing on London Stock Exchange


In January 2016, Thorn Medical, a healthcare company, announced that it was planning to list “within the next two months” on the London Stock Exchange with a valuation of £350 million. In February 2016, Lord Beaverbrook joined Thorn Medical as Chairman. In October 2016, Thorn Medical wrote to its shareholders to tell them that the company had withdrawn from its listing on the London Stock Exchange, but that a related US company would list on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in January 2017.

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Greenpeace opposes REDD offsets in California. But that’s not what EDF’s Steve Schwartzman wants you to think

How EDF's Steve Schwartzman tried to manufacture consent for REDD in CaliforniaAt a recent workshop in Sacramento, Environmental Defense Fund’s Steve Schwartzman was waving around copies of a letter in favour of California using REDD offsets in its cap and trade scheme. Following the letter was a list of NGO logos, including that of Greenpeace Brazil. But Greenpeace has consistently opposed REDD offsets in California. How did Greenpeace’s logo appear on a letter supporting REDD?

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