Thorn Medical: “The company is not in a position to meet its financial obligations and therefore must be wound up”

Thorn Medical has written to shareholders to tell them that the company is insolvent and will be placed in voluntary liquidation.

Thorn Medical is a healthcare company, founded in July 2014 by Jack Kaye. In 2015, the company announced that it was planning a £350 million listing on the London Stock Exchange. A listing on the USA’s Nasdaq was also planned. In early 2016, the company appointed Sir Eric Peacock, Sir John Lucas-Tooth, and Lord Beaverbrook to its board.

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Thorn Medical withdraws from listing on London Stock Exchange

In January 2016, Thorn Medical, a healthcare company, announced that it was planning to list “within the next two months” on the London Stock Exchange with a valuation of £350 million. In February 2016, Lord Beaverbrook joined Thorn Medical as Chairman. In October 2016, Thorn Medical wrote to its shareholders to tell them that the company had withdrawn from its listing on the London Stock Exchange, but that a related US company would list on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in January 2017.

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A recovery room scam is cloning Opus Capital. Meanwhile Paul Seakens, director of Opus Capital (previously known as Carbon Neutral Investments) was hired in 2014 to advise Thorn Medical, a stem cell research medical company, whose directors now include Lord Beaverbrook, Sir John Lucas-Tooth, and Sir Eric Peacock

Opus CapitalIn February 2016, the High Court in London ordered 19 companies into liquidation. One of the companies was CNI (UK) Ltd, one of three companies that emerged in 2013 from the ashes of Carbon Neutral Investments, a company involved in selling carbon credits to retail investors.

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