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Bar Works: The return of Renwick Haddow

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Renwick Haddow is back. The man who ran the Capital Alternatives network of companies is a “key figure” behind a New York co-working startup called Bar Works, according to an article on The Real Deal website.

Bar Works leases or buys retail spaces and converts them to co-working spaces. Customers can hire a desk in one of Bar Works’ co-working spaces for US$550 a month. Bar Works’ co-working spaces also contain a bar.

The company has three co-working spaces in New York and one in San Francisco, and six more coming soon in New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Dublin.

Bar Works is raising money buy offering investments in its workspaces. According to a May 2016 Reuters article, Bar Works raised $1.5 million in a funding round.

Jonathan Black, CEO and co-founder of Bar Works told The Real Deal that Haddow is only a consultant. But the Real Deal has done an excellent job unearthing the links between Bar Works and Renwick Haddow.

The Real Deal article also points out the uncanny resemblance between Jonathan Black:

and someone called Frank Jones:

In a comment on REDD-Monitor in December 2016, someone calling themselves “Marksie” also outlined a series of links between Haddow and Bar Works.

And in case you’ve never heard of Haddow, here’s an introduction to his record in alternative, unregulated investments:

Bar Works to turn UK phone boxes into mini-offices

In addition to its co-working spaces and bars, Bar Works also plans to convert the UK’s red telephone boxes into mini-offices. In May 2016, Bar Works put out a press release that Reuters and several other news outlets ran.

Here’s an extract from the press release:

Bar Works Inc is about to launch “Pod Works” in London, Leeds and Edinburgh using old BT telephone boxes as mini-work stations for both entrepreneurs who are constantly on the move or for those who need a convenient place to work before a meeting or an interview.

Pod Works plans to charge members £19.99 a month to use the mini-offices. And the company is inviting investors to put money into its plans. The minimum investment is £23,000 and the lease term is 10 years. On its website Pod Works states that investors can earn 15% in fixed rental payments, “with a proven track record” and a 25% capital appreciation at the end of the 10 years.

Pod Works is obviously worth a closer look. Pod Works’ London address is 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, an address it shares with more than 18,000 other companies.

Bar Works’ press release about phone boxes and Pod Works’ website list Paul Quade of City Road Communications as a contact for further information. City Road Communications provided public relations services for Capital Alternatives.

Quade is certainly quick on the draw. He contacted REDD-Monitor in March 2014, less than two hours after I finished a post about Capital Alternatives.

Lorna Moore: Yet another link to Haddow

A company called Pod Works Workspaces Limited was registered in the UK on 3 May 2016. The company’s sole director is Lorna Moore.

Moore has commented twice on REDD-Monitor. The first time was in October 2013, with a comment about the Financial Conduct Authority taking Capital Alternatives and several other firms to the High Court.

Moore’s second comment was in March 2015. This was far more entertaining:

It is the intention of responsibleworldwide Ltd to take Mr Chris Lang to court with immediate effect and shut this site down immediately. Mr Lang is not a journalist, has barely a qualification at GCSE level and has no ability to make a fair judgement.

If this site still exists after Monday 23rd March 2015, Mr Lang will be fined thousands of pounds per day for breach of UK law. Anyone posting on this site after this date will also be subject to prosecution. Do take this seriously! Responsibleworldwide Ltd.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any trace of Responsibleworldwide Ltd on Open Corporates or Google, but here’s Lorna Moore’s page on LinkedIn:

She was director of a company called Invest Smarter Seminars Ltd, until it was dissolved voluntarily in March 2014.

In 2013 Lorna Moore’s company put on a series of “Alternative Investments Seminars” in London, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Brighton and Leeds.

An Eventbrite announcement about one of the seminars in Manchester explains that,

This seminar is presented by Mr Chris Rathbone who has over 30 years experience in financial markets specialising in investments, pensions and taxation. For the last 5 years Chris has been concentrating on Alternative Investments and the benefits these can bring to you and your pension.

Chris will illustrate his presentation with some examples of Alternative Investment opportunities showing great returns. Sierra Leone Palm Oil and Australian Wheat.

Chris Rathbone, of course, worked for Capital Alternatives. Here are his contact details on an advert for Agri Capital, later renamed as African Land:


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  1. Good work Chris, it’s good to know that Renwick Haddow is still about as it means, hopefully, we investors who have lost a lot of money in Capital alternatives, and the regualtors will one day catch up with him!!!

  2. Let me guess, the potential returns on such a great investment will be around 20%.

    But it’s a stupid idea that makes no sense. Why work out (and pay) for the use of a very cramped telephone box where you obviously can’t even sit down when you can take your laptop/phone into a coffee shop and relax on a nice chair or sofa.

    However, it makes a lot of sense if you’re the one’s selling the idea and receiving lots of money from investors…

  3. Very strange all of this as I have it from a very reliable source that Mr Haddow was indeed involved at the beginning with Bar Works a fact which he hasn’t been shy on telling people but only in an advisory capacity. The juice however is he is actually a shareholder and active in a company called Our Space. Take a look at (couldn’t even get the .com!). Now this does have the hall marks of Mr Haddow. Bar Works is actually a fast expanding brand I went to visit their site on San Fran. It is a historical building and I hate to say it looks fantastic and more importantly was busy with paying members. Our Space on the other hand have opened a space in a secondary town in Spain and would you believe there exclusive agent United Property Group – United Property Invest – sell Our Space from the Our Space offices. The other key figure involved is Jim Moore of Inside Track fame. What a duo, Haddow and Moore in Spain selling a product that has more holes in it than my winter hat!

  4. Total fake work space with no members and run by kids from the ghetto, who are too naive to realize that JB is Haddow and Simpson is Milhench. Got to wonder who Kinard is…..look out.

  5. @Marcus, not convinced your post is genuine. It looks to me that you may be linked to Bar Works and are aiming to deflect attention away from the company.

    What we know for sure is that Haddow’s wife is described by Bar Works as a co-founder and is using a false name. We also know that the CEO of Bar Works, Jonathan Black (if he even really exists), is not keen for his face to be made public and uses a photograph of another person on his Linked-In page. We also know that Haddow is described in documents as ‘a principal’ of Bar Works i.e an owner, and his signature is on documents binding the company to contracts. It is not normal for a consultant to have the authority to bind a client to legal documents. Everything about Bar Works is suspicious and points to being controlled by Haddow.
    Perhaps @Greg is right and Jonathan Black is actually Renwick Haddow. That could be quite easily cleared up by Mr Black appearing in a video on their website or proving his identity to one of the journalists. It is interesting that Mr Black was only willing to communicate with journalists by email and didn’t offer to meet them where they would have got a good look at his face.

    Haddow was also ‘only a consultant’ to the Capital Organisation in the UK but it is common knowledge that he was the beneficial owner and, according to some reports, he and his colleagues ripped investors off for more than $150 million.

    Perhaps you are correct and OurSpace is another Haddow-controlled company, but you haven’t provided any evidence to support that allegation. My guess (and it is a guess) is that OurSpace is a copy of Bar Works and is being run by people who were previously associated with Haddow and who he now dislikes. OurSpace is based in Dubai. It is well known that when the FCA launched their investigation into Haddow’s operations several of his former colleagues relocated to Dubai and opened copycat operations. Maybe they are still there and have been following Haddow’s progress with a view to copying him or maybe Haddow has kept in contact and is behind OurSpace and Bar Works after all. I think it is more likely to be the former otherwise you wouldn’t have come on here bigging up Bar Works on one hand and rubbishing OurSpace on the other.

    I can’t help but feel that you are a Bar Works plant. To quote “I have it from a reliable source that Mr Haddow was involved in the beginning with Bar Works……. but only in an advisory capacity”. You don’t need a reliable source for that. We all know Haddow has been involved in Bar works since the beginning. Don’t be coy – who is your source ? Why are you not prepared to divulge his/her name ? Why isn’t that person writing to Chris Lang and providing him with evidence so that Chris can publish it here and put investors’ minds at rest ? If your source is on the inside why isn’t the company responding to this article and providing proof that the article is incorrect ? Why doesn’t Jonathan Black come out and provide evidence of his ID ?

    You gave away your true colours when you couldn’t resist inserting a very unsubtle promotion of Bar Works into your post. This was presumably aimed at investors who have read this report and are rightly concerned that they have been victims of a scam. “Bar Works is actually a fast expanding brand I went to visit their site on San Fran. It is a historical building and I hate to say it looks fantastic and more importantly was busy with paying members.”

    “Bar Works is actually a fast expanding brand….” – sounds like a line straight out of the Bar Works marketing brochure.
    The “….and more importantly was busy with paying members” is just so so obvious. I think most genuine people would have said “…..and there were quite a few people in there”.

    Obviously it is very important to Bar Works to keep the investment rolling in because Haddow’s businesses normally collapse as soon as money from new investors dries up. The best way for Bar Works to get new investment would be to disprove the allegations. Maybe @Marcus should pass that back to his ‘source’ / sponsors.

  6. Greg, you must be on something! I am at the West Village location regularly. The place is packed. Sounds like you either are an ex employee or competitor?

  7. Marcus Riley, do you have anything to say about Marksie’s very compelling points? Who is Jonathan Black?

  8. Also, @Marksie, do you have any evidence for these two points specifically?

    – “What we know for sure is that Haddow’s wife is described by Bar Works as a co-founder and is using a false name”

    – “We also know that Haddow is described in documents as ‘a principal’ of Bar Works i.e an owner, and his signature is on documents binding the company to contracts.”


  9. @Jan Novak, I don’t have any evidence myself. My comments were based on the article written by the TheRealDeal who had a team of people looking into Bar Works and made those claims.
    If you go to ‘The Return of Renwick Haddow’ above and click on the word ‘article’ it will take you to the piece written by TheRealDeal. If you are looking for hard evidence you could contact the reporter and ask how they obtained it. He has asked people to contact him (see bottom of the article).
    @Greg – how do Simpson and Kinard fit into this? Are they part of the Bar Works team and how do you know that Simpson is Milhench?

  10. Looks like the USA isn’t big enough for Bar Works. are offering the latest Bar Works venture. This time it’s in Turkey.

    “Purchase a 99 year lease in Bar Works third property located at the Sea of Marmara Istanbul and earn up to 16% PA.
    Take the opportunity to gain from the explosion in the demand for shared office work space, which is one of the fastest growing segments of the property market.
    Trade has long been the lifeblood of Istanbul, and today roughly 30% of all of Turkey’s commercial companies are reckoned to be located in the city, making the local chamber of commerce one of the largest such organizations in the world.

    Limited availability at the Beylikduzu district
    No upkeep or maintenance fees
    Potential 16% rental income per annum
    Rental payments paid monthly – first payment received within 14 days from investment
    Buy Back option at 125% after the second year
    Investment and returns in USD $ which provides stability in these volatile times.”

    Don’t be fooled. If Haddow is following his usual practice your rental payments will be taken from your own investment money and paid back to you in small amounts. That way he gets people going online to say what a great investment it is because they invested their money and started getting rental payments straight away. Those positive reviews bring in 10 times as many new investors. It’s classic Ponzi scheme strategy.

    Many Haddow-controlled companies have promised buy-backs but not one has ever bought back any investment and none of them have maintained rental payments for very long.

  11. TheRealDeal is still highlighting serious concerns over Bar Works and whether investors are being conned out of their money.
    A genuine company would be desperate to meet the journalists to put the record straight. Bar Works is working very hard to avoid contact with the journalists which suggests they have something to hide.

  12. Are there lawyers that we can contact, as a collective, to try and recover some of the money already invested?

  13. Good article but dig deeper
    UPI, Jim Moore, ourspace to start with

  14. @Scotty – Marcus Riley beat you to it with this comment. See also Marksie’s reply. If you have any details or further information to add to this discussion, that would be great. Thanks!

  15. Anyone who invests into a ‘license’ with no asset backing the return must be crazy or had one helluva ‘pitch’.
    I don’t understand how a ‘buyback’ can even be offered at a fixed rate? Does the desk increase in value over time?

    I wonder why ourspace was set up if barworks and all involved were raising so much cash?

  16. Is it true about Jim Moore?
    Does anyone know where he is?

  17. Has anyone tried to get lawyer to claim back the money before the model collapse? They could not answer my questions, they just keep telling that their venues are packed. If so, why facebook page only 521 likes and instagram only 390 followers? I am thinking their members are not more than 50 and that memberships only in West Village. Their business is super terrible, they just use new investors money to payout monthly rent do previous investors – absolutely Ponzi model.

  18. @Stephanie, I have the exact same concerns. Maybe we could set up a Facebook group to draw together other concerned investors.

    Do you have any experience with what steps to take when you think you’ve been drawn into a Ponzi scheme?

    Have you seen the ‘executive summary’? It states that the San Francisco location alone has a monthly turnover of $140,000. If that is the case where’s the pictures of all these happy end users, using the work spaces? A lot of the pictures used on their instagram appear to feature the same person!

    All logical thinking points towards the conclusion that returns are being paid with new investment money, rather than revenue from the Bar Works coworking spaces (ie: the definition of Ponzi). You would think that it would be possible, and indeed in the interest of Bar Works, to prove this allegation wrong and also for Jonathan Black to come forward publicly and make a statement. All very worrying.

  19. First off let me start with an apology. I did not mean to criticize or offend anyone who has invested into this or the ourspace schemes by using the word ‘crazy’. We’ve all had the slick pitch and marketing thrown at us down the phone at some stage and the marketing with this scheme is as slick as it gets.

    With respect to it being a Ponzi scheme, many of these types of schemes follow that model. This is all circumstantial at present until the serious fraud squad or lawyers or similar are contacted and it’s proven however it has all the markings.

    Let’s use an example. Investor puts in 100k. (These people tend to offer an ‘entry level’ always at circa 20k to generate more enquiries and then upsell and exploit the investor) They are offered say 15% return each year and a 125% buyback after 5 years (contract terms are normally so tight with these schemes and in favour of the ‘seller’ so you need a legal opinion on it).
    This means the investor gets 15k each year and 125k after 5 years. That’s 200k in total back for 100k in or 100% return.
    Doable? In some property markets, at a real push. The property would need to be undervalued to start with, tenanted and above all over 5 years increasing in value but if you look at the uk as an example you might get 5% each year in income and 5% growth so over the same 5 years, it’s basically half of barworks. And that’s probably in the most stable (or was), mature, legally tight market available right now.

    Now, work on this – if your 100k invested is actually only around 75k after the master agent, sub agent, barworks, directors etc have all taken their cut, the scheme actually has to yield 20% each year in income to pay you your 15% return and the growth aspect has to be over 65% over the 5 years to hit the buyback target.

    The ins and outs of which people are involved is really neither here nor there. What you have to assess is how you file and against which entity and in which jurisdiction if your lawyer advises to do so.

    This is a huge jigsaw with the outsides done. Finding the middle bits might prove tricky but someone (Serious Fraud/lawyers/FCA etc) should be approached and an investigation opened. Your agent won’t give you any information as I doubt they even know themselves what’s going on and who is pulling which strings and remember commission driven and already received.

    Not sure which forums/where you get the biggest numbers of investors to join but there must be hundreds, globally, affected.

    As I said Mr. Lang has done a good job so far but someone needs to take this to the next stage.

    Two phrases spring to mind; leopards and spots and where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    Good luck to all

  20. Hi @Scotty, thanks for your input, you seem to have some experience with this type of thing. Can you tell us what similar schemes you have seen in the past and how they were dealt with?

    In the example of Bar Works, at the highest investment/return level, they offer 16% annual return with the option of a buy back at 125% after 2 years. Technically the investor is buying a 10 year, or even 99 year lease, but as I understand it, the buy back at 2 years is a kind of break clause.

    If somebody invested $125,000 (the minimum investment to get the 16% return, I believe), they would receive 16% the first year, broken into monthly payments, 16% the second year, then 125% at the end of the 2nd year, if they request the buyback. That gives a total return of 57% on top of the initial capital after 2 years.

    That does sound too good to be true, granted, but as you say, “slick pitch”.

    Can I ask you what you think the next stage is, specifically?

    Is there a particular lawyer/firm that would be especially suited to this type of thing that you know of? I’ve heard the Financial Ombudsman is only really effective with financially regulated companies, but they are free and even for a consultation, lawyers fees are going to mount up quickly. I’m also getting the impression that a large proportion of investors in Bar Works are UK based, though maybe there are a great many from all over the world. I do think that a lot of people have discovered this page though, so maybe here is a good place to try to ’round people up’.

    Serious Fraud is an option but as you say, all evidence is circumstantial at the moment and returns have been paid up to the present.

    I have actually contacted the FCA myself and, because Bar Works are based in the US, the FCA seem more interested in the UK based brokers of the Bar Works model. Obviously the brokers and Bar Works are all unregulated so I think the jurisdiction of the FCA is somewhat limited anyway.

    What you said about all the cuts that have to be taken by the various agents/sub agents/directors etc. has crossed my mind, then there is the matter of Pod Works in the UK which Bar Works appear to be funding. All of these different entities, as well as the different entities of Bar Works itself :-,,, make for, at the very least, a very complicated explanation.

    Everybody seems to be getting paid so far and I imagine, if the allegations are true, they are getting paid out of newly invested money, hence the seemingly huge/increasing amount of new brokers/agents appearing on several pages of google as soon as you search ‘bar works investment’.

    What do you take from the concerns about Bar Works’ low numbers on social media that Stephanie raised?

    Just out of interest, are you UK based? I am, by the way. And can you help in any way as we try and move forward and get to the bottom of this?

    I’m assuming the only logical next step is to speak with lawyers.

    One last question, for @Alic, who made an earlier comment:- Do you have any evidence for your claim of Lorna Moore being Renwick Haddow’s sister?

    Hopefully more and more genuine investors in Bar Works can get in contact through this page and we can attempt to figure out the best way of moving forward.

  21. @Jan – honestly? I wouldn’t know specifically who to contact and I’ll explain why together with the issues you face.
    1. As you rightly point out, you are in ‘unregulated territory’. Anything like this or property investment falls into this category. The upside is you can generate higher returns than the regulated sector. The downside is companies like this can set up, raise funds, disappear and you have no ‘body’ who can act for you. So the FCA probably won’t take it on unless it’s classed as a ‘collective scheme’. I presume though that the way they have got round this is to provide everyone with individual contracts or licenses?

    2. Jurisdiction – is the contract under US law or uk law? Do you ‘sit’ contractually with barworks directly or the master agent or the sub agent you dealt with? My guess and I emphasize a guess is that you filled in a form with your agent who then sent it on to the master agent who then send on to a lawyer in the US and you sent money directly to an ‘escrow account’?

    3. Returns are being paid – this is a tricky one. What do you do, wait until they stop and then look into taking action? Will it be too late then? Do you prep now for when it does happen? The first thing that will likely happen is a ‘delayed payment’. This could be genuine but could also be that the agents have had a slow month. This could well point you to the Ponzi idea as your returns are basically reliant on other investors.

    4. Number of entities and people involved creates a minefield of who you ‘go after’ if that’s your chosen route. People in this ‘field’ tend to set up things as complicated as possible.

    You need first of all to find out if any investors have been to any of the sites and seen them functioning.

    Is there a way of enquiring about membership to see/investigate how true their numbers are? Social media seems low yes and some ‘likes’ can be employees!
    Someone mentioned a turnover of $140,000 a month (!), is this just from San Fran site? Memberships or total turnover including wet and dry sales? Might sound odd that I ask but if say membership is I don’t know, $100 a month and each member spends the same again in food and drink etc, you need circa 700 members…. is there any way of checking this? Asking?

    Your agent – uk based or not?

    There are hundreds of agents now set up to sell this so I would probably approach one of them after compiling your concerns, let them ‘pitch’ you and ask a few questions as to HOW the returns are made and the buyback ‘works’.

    The 57% is frankly absurd and I still can’t understand how they can commit to paying you 25% more in two years than you invested??? It doesn’t make sense to me. I doubt even the wolf of Wall Street would get his head round it!

    1. Ask a lawyer to look through your contract and advise if under uk or us law.
    2. No harm in contacting someone like Serious Fraud to say you ‘think’ you’ve invested into a Ponzi style scheme and ask if they have had any other complaints.
    3. Ask as many questions on here, of other investors, agents etc as you can.
    4. Don’t believe this is not fraudulent until you have your proof. Too many people feel embarrassed to admit it or hope like hell its not and work on it’s not fraudulent until it’s proven!
    5. Don’t wait to take action of any kind as it might be too late. If you do your own real investigating and get your answers and everything is fine you will sleep a lot easier!

    If it’s all above board, you could be one of hundreds set for a healthy return but these things tend to run for 18/24 months before toppling. If you can get out at month 24, I would.

    Hope some of that helps.

  22. I’m still thinking about the numbers Jan you mentioned and it’s a bit like this:

    Imagine I’m a agent selling1 and 2 bedroom flats in the uk. (Let’s leave London out of the equation as will become apparent). I would have to sell you a 2 bedroom flat for £100k which was already tenanted and producing 16k a year. That’s about £1300 a month in rent. (*For a 2 bed flat costing £100k!?! ….plus the 16k to you is after any fees or margin for the letting agent so actual ‘market rent’ would probably be about £1500 a month). Now take into account the 25% ‘costs’ at the start (commission in barworks case) and that leaves the builder/developer with 75k. Work on rough rule of thumb of 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 (land, build cost, profit) and its build cost is £25k!
    On top and to boot Jan, after 2 years give it back to me and let’s set a sale price now of £125,000…… how does that sound to you?

    Let’s take Microsoft, owned by the wealthiest pulsating human on the planet. If you had taken a position 2 years ago until now, you’d probably be looking at about the same profit as barworks are predicting over the next 2 years so it is ‘doable’ however A). Nobody can predict the future, B). Barworks isn’t Microsoft (although probably has a similar number of agents!) and C). From what I’ve read, RH is definitely NOT Bill Gates.

    Let me think some more about this for you or has anyone else got some info I am missing?

    I’ve watched these types of investments over the last 15-20 years or so Jan and many fall over unfortunately. Let’s just hope you are all in the good ship that sailed but at the moment we seem to have boarded one with a few holes in the hull !

  23. @Jan Novak, my advice is to enlist the help of people in the USA otherwise you will struggle to get to the bottom of this.
    1. Send an email to the journalist at The Real Deal. He is based in New York and has now written two investigative articles about Bar Works. He seems to have people who can make enquiries and he may be able to help you.
    2. See if you can find an american investor who is concerned about their investment. Ask that investor to contact the SEC to report Bar works as a possible scam. The SEC won’t do anything for a UK investor. The SEC is far more pro-active and aggressive than the FCA. The journalist may know a US investor. They can use the fact that they think Jonathan Black doesn’t exist and the other founder is using a false name.
    3. Keep pushing for information on Jonathan Black. I think he is the key to this. If he doesn’t exist then everyone has been conned. Black’s signature is in the brochures so somebody had to have written it.
    4. Don’t wait until the two years are up. Act now. The buyback will never take place.
    5. Try this guy – Andy Culshaw Mobile: 07944685374 Email: He has a UK website promoting Bar Works and is a director of Bar Works USA Ltd. He doesn’t appear to be hiding because he has a picture of himself and his contact details on the website. I notice that the new top man at Bar Works, Franklin Kinard, has just formed a new UK company called Bar Works USA/UK Ltd (Formed 27th January 2017). That’s an odd thing for him to do and might suggest that all is not well with their relationship with Culshaw. I would not necessarily believe anything that they say to you. They are very good at lying, but it is worth a try. It’s possible that Kinard and Culshaw are still allies but it won’t do you any harm making contact. If they are allies you can ask Culshaw to hook you up with Kinard directly.

  24. @ Marksie – some great comments made.
    My one immediate question is whether US investors have actually taken part. The SEC as you say are stridtvabd exactly what the UKs FCA should be more like, protecting the investor as opposed to dealing with the fan after the **** has hit it.
    Anyway, no harm in getting the clarification first, maybe someone acts as a IS citizen to ask if they can take part?
    Personally I think Jonathan Black is either as real as Batman or he does exist and is receiving a nice little earner from them to use his name etc.

    I hear that the other coworking opportunity/scam was set up after RH and JM fell out….. interesting.

  25. Jonathan Black is 100% Renwick Haddow.

    It is very simple how to find you. You compare Jonathan Black and Renwick Haddow profile on LinkedIn.

    Johathan Black –
    I have an extensive background in finance, having qualified as an Accountant. My career history has included working at senior level as a Stockbroker and Fund Manager with vast experience in the startup of ventures. I was employed for many years as a Finance Director/Financial Controller of two chains of bars in the UK including Regent Inns Plc with a market value $400m. More recently I set up a number of startup ventures including Car Share which is a car sharing APP. I saw the potential of shared work space and have used my expertise and experience to finely tune the model to overcome the deficiencies in the current offerings which I had previously encountered when renting serviced office space. My focus is on building a marketable brand and ensuring above all that Bar Works first two sites are successful before rolling out the brand.

    Renwick Haddow –
    Financial Controller
    Company Name Regent Inns plc
    Dates Employed 1993 – 1998 Employment Duration 5 yrs

  26. If you do a quick search on Mr Culshaw and read his website he offers a personal service to his clients, many multi millionaires etc however I wouldn’t expect to meet him in person at his offices. At the address listed, this is what you get:

    9106 companies located at: 71-75 SHELTON STREET, COVENT GARDEN, LONDON

    Try his mobile as suggested but both the use of virtual or serviced addresses and/or using non geographical or odd sounding numbers is a sure fire recipe for someone calling from somewhere other than they actually are. The ability to ‘push’ numbers these days means anyone can suggest they are based in London for example but actually be in a completely different country.

    Personally I think as I stated before that this scheme has been marketed globally.

  27. @ Marksie – If the investors or lawyers can prove that JB is definitely RH and he has therefore used a false identity to sign documents, is this not grounds for fraud?

    Someone mentioned Lorna Moore being RH’a sister. Does anyone know if it Is a coincidence of names or is she married to Jim Moore making RH his brother in law? If so, this is all really bizarre.

    Is it possible that barworks raised money/made returns in a ‘dodgy’ way to start with and tried to copy Weworks model by leasing the buildings but then thought we need to buy a building to add some substance? RH and JM and UPI then all fallout so JM decides to start up his own ‘brand’, ‘arsespace’. UPI then switch and act as master agent for them. contact all the barworks investors and say they are dealing with sites outside of the USA and piggyback?

    My goodness this is a plot and a half if all proven.

  28. @Stephanie, that was a good spot about Regent Inns. It does look very likely that Jonathan Black is really Renwick Haddow in which case US investors should definitely be involving the SEC.
    For the moment I am going to sit on the fence regarding the Bar Works – Ourspace link although it seems increasingly likely that they were hatched from the same brood. It hasn’t been proven beyond any doubt that Haddow and Moore know each other and have worked together, but there is quite a bit of circumstantial evidence.
    1. Both were active in the UK at the same time. Both were amongst the biggest marketers of UK alternative investment promoters so it is almost certain that they would have met at some point.
    2. Both were employed as ‘consultants’ to recently established companies focused on leasing desk space.
    3. This is a blog about Renwick Haddow’s involvement in Bar Works. @Marcus Riley brought Ourspace into the discussion but then gushed praise on Bar Works. I suspect that post was a plant by Bar Works so it does suggest that there is bad blood between the two companies. Perhaps the people at Bar Works think Jim Moore/Ourspace gave the TRD journalist the information which enabled him to write his first damning report ?
    4. There is something a little bit odd about the news on the Ourspace website. It mentions Jim Moore and says:
    “We understand that Jim who worked with us as a consultant to OurSpace has relocated to the USA in order to handle some key personal and commercial issues and will no longer be working with OurSpace as a client. We extend our sincere thanks for his contribution and our good wishes go with him and his family for the future.”
    Now that is a major coincidence. But one has to ask why Ourspace even put that up as news on their website and phrased it in that way? It is almost designed to confirm the conspiracy theory. Firstly “We understand….”. This implies that Jim Moore never told them himself that he was moving to the USA and ceasing the relationship. Perhaps this is Ourspace’s way of trying to distance themselves from him because of the bad press they have been getting.
    Secondly, why tell everyone that he has relocated to the USA ? It is almost saying “Jim Moore has gone to link up with Renwick Haddow, Bar Works or both”. Why tell us it involves “key personal and commercial issues”. That might be a way of telling everyone that Lorna Moore is Jim’s wife and that they are involved with Bar Works in some way. So many possible permutations but this piece of news has been put up for a reason and I feel it is not just to wish him well.
    Haddow has a history of falling out with partners and then making good when the **** hits the fan. Investors in African Land will remember when Capital Alternatives sold more than $8 million of the rice farm land that didn’t exist. They didn’t tell Robert McKendrick of African Land. He was furious and there were threats of legal action between the parties. One might think that McKendrick was demanding that Capital Alternatives return the money to investors. They would be wrong. McKendrick was upset that he hadn’t received his cut. In the end they shared the money between them, the legal threats ceased, nobody got any land and investors were defrauded. Maybe Moore has taken his family to the USA to kiss and make up with Haddow ? If that is the case it can’t be good news for investors.
    @Scotty – how did you hear that Haddow and Moore had fallen out ? This would confirm that they definitely know each other and had been working on the same project. Also, do you know for sure that UPI was marketing Bar Works first, then switched to Ourspace and began contacting Bar Works investors, or is this just a theory at this stage ? Are there any Bar Works investors out there who could confirm whether they were approached by Ourspace ? Does anyone have a contract they can post so we can see how they have structured the deal ?

  29. @Scotty & @Marksie, what is UPI marketing?

    I am not US investor, do you know or do you have any suggestion what can I do? Any US investors here reading this comment? Please let me know.

  30. @Marksie – mine is theory however I don’t think it’s too far from the truth.

    I’ve been following this for about 18 months. Honestly, I didn’t know how anyone could compete with the ‘numbers’ being banded around so I decided to dig and dig and dig.

    I have spadefuls of theory as it’s like trying to piece together a homicide case however someone needs to get the link between RH, UPI and JM in writing or confirmed to progress it to the next stage.

    Apologies for bringing arsespace into it but my belief as I said right at the start, was to dig deeper into these 3 entities. They are or were definitely connected.

    Does anyone have a marketing email or brochure relating to barworks and UPI to start with?

    And ditto arsespace?

    I heard that the Spanish arsespace they were offering was actually the UPI office!

    As for JM, there is an incredible possibility regarding the post on their website but their words are full of it and they look to be distancing themselves from him now too in my opinion.

  31. Has anyone been on the UPI website recently?

    Dropped ourspace??
    Now selling signature works? – big developer in Liverpool and good at what they do

    Maybe they are independent and have decided to go straight and drop all connections to RH & JM?

  32. @ Stephanie – where are you based, who did you deal with and did you invest in barworks or ourspace?

  33. @Scotty I am based in Asia, what is UPI marketing? I invested in Bar Works. Do you also invest in Bar Works?

  34. @Stephanie – you’ve proved to me and us that this went global anyway if you are based in Asia.
    Did you invest via an agent based in Asia or another part of the world?
    UPI or United Property Invest started off with barworks, moved onto ourspace and are now working with a few different projects by the looks of their website.
    No, I personally have not invested into their schemes.
    How long ago did you invest Stephanie and have you received your returns?

  35. Has anyone looked into contract terms yet or jurisdiction?

    I’m tempted to write a book or blog but am confused why this thread is not attracting more input.

    Somebody has to find out where the investors stand contractually and if definitely under US law.

    Somebody has to contact the SEC who will have a field day with this if proven to be a Ponzi.

    The investors need to find a way of grouping together and if applicable filing as a group.

    No point going to your agent or the master agent as they will just say they were acting as a marketing company.

    These people are ‘good’ at what they do but after time they drop the ball on occasion. Someone needs to find out where they have dropped it. JB’s real identity? RH involvement? Connection to JM? Why ourspace was formed? Who is behind it?

    Timeframe – act fast and before it’s too late.

    Phone sales – strange how we buy things on sight most of the time for smaller purchases but with an investment of any size, we do it over the phone.

    Dig into where JM is. Yes in the US but why and where. Rumour is his ‘commercial and personal issues’ or however they described it is more ‘handcuffs and chains’ for a completely different wrongdoing but ask yourself this. If he is currently in the US for a matter separate to this, can you trust his integrity? If he was in business originally with RH for barworks and then split, why was this? Why won’t the biggest lead generator in the uk not deal with them? What’s the connection? How do you piece it all together?

    There is a lot to do and it won’t be easy but now is your time to act. Seize the opportunity and don’t delay. Make the connections.

    Ok, I am off to put together some research for another client on a shady property deal.

    Good luck everyone and keep at it.

    Please remember that my opinions and comments are based on theory, research and suggestions but if anyone has any questions, happy to try and answer them.

  36. @Scotty @Marksie @Jan Novak, can I have your email address please? I don’t like to comment too much here. I believe there is someone from Bar Works is watching us here.

  37. @Stephanie, @Scotty, @Marksie, and @Jan Novak – Please don’t share your email addresses here. Instead, send me an email ( to confirm that you’re happy to share your email address with Stephanie, and I’ll pass on your email address to Stephanie. Thanks!

  38. P.S. Obviously I can’t vouch for any of you – or for anyone else commenting under a pseudonym on REDD-Monitor.

  39. @Chris – Are we able to email you directly with our findings, suggestions and thoughts for you to investigate further on behalf of the group?

  40. @Scotty, you say you haven’t invested in any of the schemes, so can you tell us what interest you have in any of this? Are you working on behalf of other potentially defrauded investors?

    The connection to UPI, Jim Moore and Ourspace seems to make all of this all the more complicated and I feel like, as mentioned before, the best bet for investors is to prove the identity of Jonathan Black. If he is Renwick Haddow in disguise then this is clearly a case of fraud as it is Jonathan Black’s signature on the lease agreements.

    Also @Scotty, please could you explain why you think Jim Moore is such an important figure to look into and also your point about the biggest lead generator in the UK; who is that?

    Finally, @Marksie, could you also tell us your interest in all of this, if you too have not personally invested in Bar Works? The whole case, and now even this comment thread is becoming so convoluted that it is barely understandable.

    I have a feeling that in the case that Bar Works does have this rotten core, and eventually goes bust, the senior figures involved (who I imagine have already transferred huge amounts of money into offshore accounts) would be able to claim that Bar Works was a legitimate company that simply didn’t work out, like so many other young companies. After all, there is evidence of these Bar Works sites being in existence. Would that mean that investors have little to stand on? Is this some kind of ‘perfect’ scam?

  41. @Scotty – Feel free to email me. Of course I can’t promise to find out anything, but I’ll see what I can do.

  42. @Jan Novak, 100% fraud and 100% fake signature of Jonathan Black. Jonathan Black is not exist, he is actually Renwick Haddow, trust me.

    @Scotty @Marksie @Jan Novak, do you know any lawyer that can help me? I am overseas investor, not US resident.

  43. @Jan Novak, this blog has only scratched the surface of the Bar Works story. It will get more and more complicated.
    I agree that Jim Moore, Lorna Moore, UPI, Ourspace etc are coincidences that should be kept on file, but they are a distraction. If you were to try to invest in Ourspace you would have to certify yourself as a High Net Worth Individual (HNWI). I know because I tried to go through their investment procedure. That puts the investor into an entirely different sector of the population and means that he/she would have virtually no right of redress through the FCA. I don’t know if Ourspace has always had this requirement or whether they recently introduced it but it does show the types of people they are targeting. Bar Works does not do this. It targets ordinary members of the public which puts it firmly in the realm of FCA intervention. However, as Bar Works is a US company the FCA would have to go after the UK-based brokers who are selling the product.
    The real story is Bar Works, Jonathan Black, Renwick Haddow and his wife. So we have to look at the most basic facts and start there.
    1. Who is Jonathan Black ? What is Franklin Kinard’s background ? He is the new CEO of Bar Works and has anyone written to ask him about Jonathan Black ?
    2. Who are the directors of Bar Works Inc ? Has anyone written to them ?
    3. Who are the other senior people in Bar Works ? There has to be one honest person among them who can’t be happy being involved in the company. Has anyone written to the senior managers ?
    3. Who are the shareholders in Bar Works Inc ? Has anyone asked Franklin Kinard about the major shareholders ? This is very important because the shareholders control the company.
    4. @ Jan Novak, you would have invested through a broker. Has he asked these questions and if not, why not ? Under UK FCA regulations the broker is more liable than Bar Works itself. The broker cannot hide behind limited company or employment protection. He/she is personally liable and the FCA can confiscate their personal assets to reimburse investors. When you challenge your broker you should ask for proof of his/her identity (passport or driving licence) because almost all of the dodgy ones use false names.
    5. Outside of the SEC and financial regulators is there any other route that can be followed to threaten closure of Bar Works Inc ? Who owns the properties that they are leasing ? Are they aware of this blog and the major questions over Bar Works that the company is refusing to answer ? Make life difficult for Bar works Inc until they come forward with answers.
    There is a saying in police circles – Always Follow the Money. Haddow and his mates set these things up for one reason only – to put cash in their pockets. @ Jan Novac, who did you pay your money too ? Was it the broker or a holding company or Bar Works Inc ? Look closely at the name because it might not be Bar Works Inc. It could be Bar Works Holdings Inc or Bar Works Secretarial Inc i.e a different company to provide protection for Bar Works and to enable funds to be siphoned off. At some point the company that received your money had to distribute it. That is normally when the investigating authorities find out how much went to your broker in commission, how much went to Bar Works Inc, and how much went to the offshore accounts of the people behind the company. You should go in hard on that company because it controlled the money and can be the weak link in the chain. Often they get much less out of the scam than the founders and don’t like it when you turn the heat on them. Let us know who it was because if it was an independent company we can blog about them and generate bad press if they won’t tell you where they sent your money. Often the threat of that is enough to make them cough up the info.
    Two final points.
    1. Don’t waste your time with solicitors. You will spend a lot of money and get nowhere. Been there – done that.
    2. Please don’t trust anyone on this blog or anyone who contacts you or joins you to take action. You don’t know any of us. Focus on things that are proven and not supposition because plenty of bad people will want to send you in the wrong direction. My experience is that action groups are always infiltrated and end up giving information back to their adversary. Out of every 5 investors there is always one who thinks the bad guys aren’t that bad and tells them what the other 4 are saying. @Stephanie should also be mindful of this when she wants to communicate outside of this blog. It carries risk.

  44. So, has anyone who is reading comment here tried to contact SEC and report Bar Works?

  45. @Stephanie – I have tried to report Bar Works to the SEC from the UK and they didn’t seem at all interested. You could try and see if you get a different response.

  46. Ok, I feel that I have maybe complicated this thread by the sounds of a few comments and if so, apologies.
    I will however try and explain why I made my original suggestion:

    There is no question that RH is at the core and he is the single entity you need answers from. If JB IS ACTUALLY RH which everything points towards, then as someone has mentioned, he has signed agreements, contracts, leases etc in a different name/identity which is illegal. This might be your best route or angle to the centre of this. It’s also been mentioned that the company might be seen as operational but didn’t turn a profit etc however this is not the point. The point is IF they have been raising funds from individuals to then pay back others, this is a Ponzi scheme where only the top tiers earn money and again is illegal.

    I agree that it only scratches the surface as barworks has done a very good job at creating the facade and it will not be straight forward to prove hence my suggestion to dig into the other entities on the periphery which might lead you in via ‘the back door’ so to speak.

    We know that the master agent UPI or UPG started with barworks and moved on to ourspace and have now dropped that.
    Proof of them being involved in barworks?

    We also know that JM was instrumental in ourspace which was being sold from the same offices as UPI and to back up my earlier cryptic message about why JM is currently in the US:

    Forgive me but that IS a reason for UPI to distance themselves.

    My hope is that the whole thing will collapse as these people deserve to spend time however my fear is that If the investors wait to see what happens or do not take action/file a complaint, it will be too late and you will lose your money.

    Were funds sent to a barworks account or a lawyers escrow? Tell me they didn’t go direct to barworks?

    If the FBI is already investigating JM, surely now is the time to bring it to their attention and ask them to look at another of his companies ourspace. And whilst you are contacting them or the SEC, ask them to also investigate RH on the belief that ourspace was a spin off of barworks. The SEC don’t take kindly to fixed % returns and don’t allow US investors normally to invest.

    The FCA will say its unregulated so can’t help but would look into who has been promoting but I guarantee if you ask a ‘broker’ or joker broker as one of my colleagues terms them, to show their regulatory license etc, their stock answer will be ‘don’t need regulation to sell property or property based investments and we act simply as a marketing company’

    I’ve never met, spoken to or worked for RH, JM, barworks or ourspace but the entire telesales/broker/investments sector needs a real kick up the * and regulation of sort.

    I cannot be much clearer than the above

    Good luck and let’s hope someone can start the process and maybe even book JM and RH into the same cell!

  47. @Scotty The funds go direct to Bar Works.

    Bank Name: JPMorgan Chase Bank
    Bank Address:
    Broadway & 61st, New York,
    New York, 10023, USA
    Account Name: Bar Works Inc.
    Account Number: 790961622
    Routing Number: 021000021
    Address: Lincoln Center, New York,
    New York, 10023, USA.

    I don’t know is there any investor is going to take action. I can’t do anything because I am non US resident, can you help to call SEC and report it?

    My guess is none of the investors here is going to take action because they are comfortable with their monthly income received. That is totally fraud Ponzi scheme. Sooner or later it will collapse, while it still has time, I beg someone who is reading this, please try to call SEC and share it here what is SEC response?

  48. @Jan Novak, like what was commented by @Marksie:

    See if you can find an american investor who is concerned about their investment. Ask that investor to contact the SEC to report Bar works as a possible scam. The SEC won’t do anything for a UK investor. The SEC is far more pro-active and aggressive than the FCA. The journalist may know a US investor. They can use the fact that they think Jonathan Black doesn’t exist and the other founder is using a false name.

    Because you are from UK that is why SEC did not interest. We need some investors from US to call SEC and report it seriously.

  49. @ Stephanie – I cannot report it as I’m not involved and I seriously doubt any US investors are involved because of the strict restrictions they have via the SEC but it’s worth a go to find out if any are.
    Maybe interpol? Or Serious Fraud in uk first who then may take it internationally?

    To everyone involved – Don’t let the fact that returns are being ‘made’ currently stop you. That’s a short term position and mindset.

    If funds have gone directly to them im afraid you might have more issues but there should be a trail. Quite how you get access to that trail without involving the authorities is another story!

  50. JB is Haadow, Simpson is Milhench/millhouse, Kinard is….Kinard.
    Wake up people

  51. @Greg, Yes it certainly looks like JB is Haddow. You are sure of it but do you have proof ?
    In February I asked you how Simpson fits into this because I have not heard that name before. What role does Simpson play in the organisation and do you have proof that Simpson is Milhench ?
    Only when there is proof can we be sure. In the meantime we have to keep asking Bar Works to prove that Jonathan Black exists. We are 99% sure that JB was Haddow but 99% is not 100%.

  52. Pod Works’ London address is 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden

    ‘Andy Culshaw Mobile: 07944685374 Email: He has a UK website promoting Bar Works and is a director of Bar Works USA Ltd. He doesn’t appear to be hiding because he has a picture of himself and his contact details on the website.’

  53. Is there something stopping people from stating their personal interest in this case? @Marksie and @Scotty? I asked you both already and you seem to have ignored me.

    @Greg, I would like to ask you the same as what @Marksie put to you:- Some proof really would be helpful. And who is Simpson?

    Your input is appreciated but if you’re just going to make statements with nothing to back them up it’s not particularly helpful.

    I have personally invested in Bar Works and I am worried because of the points brought up on this site (redd-monitor) , and TheRealDeal. I have spoken at length with Chris Lang of redd-monitor as well as Konrad Putzier at TheRealDeal, neither of whom seem to have any conclusive evidence of these allegations, but I agree that something definitely feels off about the whole thing. Konrad at TheRealDeal informed me that he had been contacted by investors in Bar Works who are based in the US but when I requested that he ask them to contact me, it seems they have declined. I also asked him for a number on which to contact Kinard, which has not been forthcoming.

    It seems many people, on both sides of these allegations, are not being entirely open or honest with information which I just don’t understand. Surely, if the allegations are true, it is in everybody’s interest (except Bar Works, of course) to come together to get to the bottom of all this.

    Why does it feel like everybody, even the supposed ‘good guys’ who want to put a stop to these types of Financial crime and see an end to people getting conned like this (people on this thread included), has something to hide?

  54. @Jan Novak, you invested for how many spaces? Which country are you from?

  55. Jan

    People have to be careful writing on message boards like this when they attack the companies mentioned because many of the people behind these sorts of companies can afford to use very high priced lawyers. That is why you might get the impression people are holding info back as well as their true identities. It is understandable.

    As for something potential fishy going on, if investors ever smell fish coming from their investments or the people running them, it’s more often than not right. You smell fish, therefore you are right about your investment.

  56. @Jan Novak, I refer you to the final paragraph in my post of 30th March. For those reasons I prefer to work alone.

    I have been through your posts looking for information that you have given that might genuinely help the investigation move forward. I found very little information on your personal investment process. For example, you haven’t mentioned the name of the salesman and broker firm that you used in the UK and neither have you given any information on the contract you signed with Bar Works. This would be extremely useful in helping everyone understand where the get-out clauses for Bar Works are.
    I am sure an investor would have emailed both his broker firm and Bar Works itself pushing them for answers to all the questions raised in this blog and by theRealDeal, but you haven’t said anything about that or the responses that you would have got back from them.
    @ Stephanie has provided links that have helped put more pieces into the jigsaw. As yet, you haven’t provided anything of genuine substance. You have told us that you are a UK-based investor. If that is true you would clearly have documents and information that could help to shed more light but you have not shared them. Instead you have mentioned there has been no interest from the FCA or SEC (which are easy claims to make if unsupported by documentary evidence) and you have been fishing to find out more about other contributors.
    You need to respect a person’s right to anonymity and if you don’t like that then don’t read their posts. As for myself I am interested in the quality of the material a person posts, not in who they are. If a person wants to tell everyone who they are they will. If they want to remain anonymous I don’t care as long as the information they are providing is sound.

  57. All I can say is that if there are any actual investors on here who are genuinely concerned, as I think they should be, then they have been given so much information by various posts and people on here.

    People on here may not have invested into barworks but they may have invested into previous projects similar to or run by the same person. Once bitten.

    The signs cannot be much clearer, act now.

  58. @everyone – Are there any actual investors on this board or is this a waste of my time?

    2 Free bits of advice – everyone’s heard of the wolf of Wall Street but how many of you have seen Boiler Room? ‘Invest’ 90 minutes of your life to see how unregulated brokers work.

    If you receive an email offering an investment, as soon as you enter your details to receive more information, your details are stored by a marketing company and sold to a company selling the opportunity. Even if you unsubscribe you never leave ‘the system’.

    @Chris – Feel free to post on every board you run although if people are on these boards it’s probably too late.

  59. I am an Asia based barworks investor. This month I haven’t received my payment and when I contacted barworks to ask about the reasons of the delayed payment, I got no answer. Just a mail that we are checking the issue and then nothing… now they are not even answering my phone calls. I think it is only a question of time before they start doing the same with the US and UK investors.

    Please if there is a US investor reading this, I beg you to report Barworks to SEC to take action against them and don’t be fooled by the monthly payments, it will stop sooner than you expect as it was the case with me.

    @Stephanie @Scotty @Marksie @Jan Novak and @any other barworks victim reading this board, I am ready to join any action that can be taken against these scammers and to help with everything I can as I have invested directly with barworks and contacted several people there in the process.

  60. The actual investors don’t believe it will be too late as they are too comfortable receiving the monthly return payments. I am actual investor but not US investor, so nothing I can do. I am just begging and hoping if some actual US investors who are reading this, please take action to call SEC and report Bar Works, then please share here what are the actions you have taken.

    Until then, I can only wait and hope.

  61. If an investor is genuine they would describe their investment process i.e how they found out about the project, who they spoke to, what they bought and when. They would provide information contained in emails and letters from their broker and Bar Works, along with extracts from their contract because they would be wanting people on this board to help them recover their money.
    Nobody has done that so in my opinion there are no genuine investors posting on here. I’m happy for those people who claimed to be investors to prove me wrong.
    I am not bothered that no genuine investor has posted because I am sure that a lot of investors, and prospective investors, are reading the blog. This blog is highlighting serious concerns about the honesty and integrity of the Bar Works management and the legality of the investment package. Bar Works could squash all this talk very easily by proving the existence of Jonathan Black and answering concerns. They haven’t done it so it seems very likely they are running a Ponzi scheme which will eventually collapse leaving investors with nothing.

  62. I did warn the first sign would be a ‘delayed’ payment.

    @ Erik & @ Stephanie – which company did you invest through?

  63. And as I said before I very much doubt there are any US investors involved due to their strict rules and guidelines of investment practices

  64. It is not unusual for a competitor e.g Ourspace to have their friends pretend to be investors so that they can keep piling the s*** onto Bar Works. It is also quite usual for a company under attack, e.g Bar Works, to put their friends on the blog to try to divert attention away from themselves, perhaps putting attention onto a competitor. I suspected an earlier poster had been planted by Bar Works. I suspect that one or more of the people claiming to be investors have been planted by a competitor. So far there are three people claiming to be investors so I direct the rest of this post to them.

    @Erik, @Jan Novak and @Stephanie, you all say that you have invested in Bar Works. What is the name of the broker company that sold you the investment ? What are the names of the sales people ? What are the names of the people at Bar Works ? You should post them up here. Other investors might have dealt with the same people and may be able to help you. If you put the company names and sales person names up here you can contact them to say that you have done this and they might be more willing to deal with your claim once they can see that you have publicly named and shamed them and have raised the stakes.

    At the moment there isn’t a single broker company mentioned on this blog, nor one single name of a sales person, nor one name of a person at Bar Works who dealt with a customer enquiry. I find it very strange that people who say they have invested have not given more information. This makes me sceptical as to whether any of the people claiming to be investors are genuine. I think other people reading this blog should be wary of people who claim to be investors but don’t give any evidence. The ball is in the investor’s court to prove that they are genuine investors and then some of us would be more willing to join a group.

  65. Thanks for all the various comments. Here is a post about one of the “brokers” offering investments in Bar Works – Heron Global Partners:

    Alternative Investing with Heron Global Partners and Renwick Haddow: Inbound marketing is the new cold calling

    And here’s a response from the director of the firm that ran the marketing campaign for Heron Global Partners, in which he admits that at least part of the campaign was “potentially misleading”:

    Response from Richard Wood, Director of Six and Flow, about Heron Global Partners: “We appreciate that the line highlighted is potentially misleading”

  66. Completely agree with Marksie that IF investors are on here, then post who you invested through.

    Please let’s not call them ‘brokers’, these are just unqualified sales people.

    The marketing companies/promoters will exempt themselves of responsibility but it might help others to realize they are in the same boat.

    @ Marksie I think your scepticism is spot on and of course if any barworks or ourspace staff had any sense they would be on here trying to deflect but the investors need to step up and make public exactly what you have asked.

    You won’t win this individually people. You just won’t.

    Both barworks and ourspace are toxic.

    Again, I don’t get why there are so few on here who are genuinely affected

  67. I am based in Asia and scammed many times by the crooks from this horrible pseudo-country called United Kingdom of Crooks, the country of pirates and opium sellers…No regulation, no law and the most corrupt pseudo-authorities in the world. I am in the sucker list and I received the below. Needless to say that I will never put a penny in anything coming from United Kingdom of Crooks. What

    Bar Works Inc Las Vegas – Key benefits
    Own a 10 year lease on Work Space units in our Las Vegas Bar Works and GET A FIXED MONTHLY RETURN
    Single workspace, $25,000 – monthly rent $292 – minimum % return per year 14% per annum, payable monthly – first payment within 14 days of purchase;
    Two workspaces, $50,000 – monthly rent $625 – minimum % return per year 15%
    Three workspaces, $75,000 – monthly rent $969 – minimum % return per year 15.5%
    Five workspaces, $125,000 – monthly rent $1,667 – minimum % return 16%.

    Further returns on future rental increases elevating your annual return
    No upkeep or maintenance fees
    Hassle Free investment
    Buy back option at 125% after the second year and assured return of your initial investment at the end of the 10 year lease
    Trading platform available for early exits
    Key Parties
    Group Company Name: Bar Works Inc.
    Property Attorney: Reznick Law
    Bankers: JP Morgan Chase
    Auditor to the Company: ProTax Center

    About Bar Works Inc.
    We buy and remodel existing businesses with restaurant and bar license into Co-Sharing Work Spaces with work stations, private office’s, facilities (food & beverage, gym, internet, VoIP phones, printing, etc) which are then rented out to our members on a monthly basis.

    Having expanded to now 7 locations in Manhattan, 1 in San Francisco with several more venues on the pipeline. We have also purchased our first Freehold property in Eastern Europe, Istanbul Turkey, the first of many in 2017.

    We are currently selling work spaces for our newest locations in South Miami, Istanbul and our latest in Las Vegas.

    From each location we sell approximately 100 Work Spaces to private investors, such as yourself, on a 10 year lease with returns from 14% – 16 % per year paid monthly, which you in turn Sub-Lease back to us so we can than rent them to our members and manage your investment, hassle free.

    Brief Outline of Las Vegas in the Arts District – Latest Opening

    We are pleased to announce the acquisition of our latest new venue, in a city that is famous the world over. In 2015 the number of conferences and exhibitions was 21.306 attracting 5.9 million delegates, a huge number of business minded people and future Bar Works members.

    Bar Works is a corner site in the area known as the “Arts District”, an up and coming area of downtown Las Vegas, surrounded by a variety of retail and restaurant options. New and tech-focused businesses are now in or moving to Las Vegas. The foremost of these is Switch, a key tech firm managing data for thousands of America’s biggest companies. There is also optimism that the arrival of electric car maker Tesla in northern Nevada will encourage more tech and engineering savvy workers and entrepreneurs into what was once a one-trick state

    With over 5000 sq ft of ground floor space with a full corner frontage and high ceilings, 1500 sq ft projected mezzanine to provide additional space for 300 work stations and meeting rooms, alongside spacious social and networking areas for use by temporary and part-time members.

    All of our Bar Works sites located all over the USA including at Midtown, Time Square Manhattan, “West Village”, Tribeca, Chamber Street, Brooklyn and San Francisco were all sold out within weeks of being released to the market!

    If you would like a brochure along with any other information, please do not hesitate to contact me directly,

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Please click here to see our latest investment opportunities



    e –
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  68. @ Enough – I agree with you that the authorities need to regulate this field however this company whilst based in the UK is simply acting as a marketing agent to investors. Sure, they should do more due diligence on the products they promote however when offered high commissions (the first alarm bell to me) and they are themselves ‘sold’ the offering, it makes it hard to say no.

    The issue should not be with ‘Sarah’ from this company but with the Head of the Snake that is barworks. Unfortunately you are venting your anger in the wrong direction and I would suggest you don’t write off the UK at all as there are some fantastic opportunities IF you run your own thorough DD.

    I think you will find that the man who runs barworks is NOT from the UK, the opportunity is NOT in the UK and this is one of hundreds of companies globally who are promoting this scheme.

    You may also find that many of the companies who appear to be in the uk are actually based in other countries.

    My suggestion – stick to property or similar where you can buy or investment into with an underlying asset to support the returns.

    I’ve just noticed their ‘trading platform’ exit play which made me laugh as this was a huge ‘idea’ I believe when these people were offering carbon credits many years ago.

    It’s simple people, don’t invest and if you have, look how to get out fast!

  69. @ Erik – great confirmation that ‘ourspace/united property’ were first marketing barworks.

    Simple really – RH does a deal with UPI to sell barworks, RH then fails to keep his side of the deal and holds back commissions. UPI and ourspace is formed as a breakaway company to offer a competitive alternative to barworks (after all they’ve seen the money to be made).
    Then JM gets arrested for a previous scam and UPI drop ourspace marketing and switch to another option.

    The two are intertwined as I’ve been trying to suggest for a while now.

  70. @Greg – Do you think it goes something like this:

    You can ‘invest’ into this great scheme. Just $25,000. I’ll pay you say 14% each year for 10 years but if you want to get out after 2 years, I’ll give you say $30,000.

    I’m a well known con artist working in a country where I’m not a ‘wanted man’ but still better use a different name. Let’s market it to the middle and Far East as they use US$. Oh and the brits too. Brexit must have made them nervous. Can’t really have Americans involved as the SEC will bite my ass.

    Of the $25,000 you give me, I’m going to keep say $10,000 to pay myself and commissions to my underlings. Probably 50/50 so I get roughly $5,000 per investor. Let’s aim for 2-3,000 investors over 12-24 months using loads of different agents who have their own clients. This gives me a wage of say $10m which I can live on. Now, I’ve got $15.000 left so Out of this I’ll pay you say $3,000 a year to keep you thinking it’s all cool. When your own money runs out, I’ll be long gone anyway……ah, the buy back……maybe hold off on that and delay if they want it or if we’ve got enough cash in we could use that (?!) but I reckon most people will be happy to get their (own) returns and might even put more cash in.
    Tell you what we could do…. if they give us more at the start we dangle the increased returns carrot? What do you think?

    And let’s make the contract hard for them to get out of and if anyone complains, the brits will go to the FCA but that won’t do jack as it’s in America and the SEC won’t do jack here as the clients won’t be Americans…..

    Let’s just hope they don’t contact interpol the FBI or SOCA or hunt me down personally although if they do, they’ll end up looking for some dude who’s name I’m using anyway.

  71. @Erik, the extract from your email isn’t showing. Try to copy it into your next post.
    What is the name of the tenant company that is supposed to pay rent to you ? Normally they keep it separate from the company that takes your investment money. For example, Bar Works Inc will take your investment but the tenant in your contract will be a different company called maybe Bar Works Tenant Inc. That way, when the tenant company stops making payments you have to take it to court and they will then just close it down. it won’t affect Bar Works Inc in any way and they will keep raising money for their next venture.
    I’m interested to know which premises you bought into and the name of the tenant company. I’m wondering if they use a different tenant company for each premises.

  72. Doesn’t anyone here have power to report Bar Works? Everybody here is just commenting but no any single action. Investors who are reading this have “anxious” feel, but after getting monthly payment, the “anxious” becomes “relief” again and again, over and over. Sooner or later the investors will lose money, it will be too late.

    Doesn’t anyone here want to take action step? A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Someone please try to take a step, be confident, no worry for the mistake, but worry for losing money someday.

  73. Any actual investor can report them.

    And I would suggest someone does it soon!

    Your returns are your own money coming back to you in small amounts!!

    It can’t and won’t last forever

  74. @Stephanie, are you really an investor ? I question this because you haven’t given any information that anyone could use to help you. I have copied below some paragraphs that I wrote earlier this month in case you missed them.

    “If an investor is genuine they would describe their investment process i.e how they found out about the project, who they spoke to, what they bought and when. They would provide information contained in emails and letters from their broker and Bar Works, along with extracts from their contract because they would be wanting people on this board to help them recover their money.
    What is the name of the broker company that sold you the investment ? What are the names of the sales people ? What are the names of the people at Bar Works ?”

    If you want people to believe you are genuine you need to give more information than ‘I am an Asia based investor’. Asia is a big continent !
    @Erik says that his payments have stopped but you haven’t mentioned your payments so, if you are genuine, are we to assume that you are still receiving your payments ?
    If so, then I’m sure @Erik would want to know why you are getting your payments and he isn’t. Maybe you bought in different premises with different tenant companies ?

    @Erik, I am certain that Bar Works is following this blog. That would be good news for you. I think the silence from Bar Works shows very clearly that Haddow and his wife control the company. Looking at previous Haddow behaviour this means that investors who are polite and nice have NO CHANCE of getting their money back. You have to make his life very difficult and hit him in the pocket. This means making sure he knows that you feel you were misled because Jonathan Black does not exist and you are demanding a refund. You should shout long and loud about your experience with Bar Works and become a thorn in their side. That is the only way you have a chance of getting money back.

    No investor has told this blog the name of the Bar Works person who signed the purchase contract or the tenancy agreement. Was it Jonathan Black ?

  75. @Marksie Yes, the person who signed the purchase contract and tenancy agreement is Jonathan Black.

  76. Why don’t investors Google ‘mis-sold investment lawyer’ and get talking to one, and QUICKLY.

    Many offer a no-win-no-fee deal.

  77. If contracts with clients and tenancy agreements have been signed by JB who is RH or anyone else but JB, then this is surely fraudulent and makes the contracts null and void and more importantly gives investors the ‘hole’ they have been looking for?
    If this is so, this is your chance investors to attack!
    You won’t get a better opportunity, miss this at your own peril

  78. Here is the mail extract that didn’t show-up last comment:

    “A note from Bar Works’ CEO, Franklin Kinard…
    Over recent months, Bar Works has been facing difficulties with its banking facilities. This has resulted from the large and growing volume of transactions coupled with the broad international client base we have built up.
    The result of this has been a significant increase in banking costs which has made it unviable to continue with this method of banking.
    We have taken the step to change this now. However, with our new banking partners we are experiencing limitations to the size of daily transactions, volume of transactions and limitations of which countries we can send payments. We realize it is never a good time to change banking facilities and it will inevitably lead to some delays in payments and administration errors however in the medium term it will be worth the investment.
    To try to minimize disruption we will phase the change over of our banking facilities which will mean we will send rents/payments in batches as the new accounts are set up with our banking provider. Initially this only relates to outgoing payments.
    We are doing all we can to minimize this disruption and we really appreciate your patience and the faith you have put in Bar Works.”

    By the way I still haven’t received my payment till today. @Stephanie, are you receiving your money?

    The tenant company on the contract is called “BARWORKS MANAGEMENT INC” and yes, Jonathan black signed both the purchase and lease agreements (if he ever exists). It was done through docusign so no actual handwritten signature is there.

  79. @Stephanie, if the contract is signed by JB and he doesn’t exist then you have been a victim of fraud. I would not worry too much about the US authorities. I think you can be confident that they are already looking at Bar Works. They will not give anything away until they are ready.
    1. What was the name of the company that contracted with you on the purchase (e.g was it Bar Works Inc) ?
    2. What was the name of the tenant company ?
    3. Are you still receiving your monthly payments ?

  80. @ Stephanie – I believe you were adamant in earlier posts that JB is actually RH. Now that Erik has stated that JB has signed contracts etc I’m confused as to why you are not now taking action?

    @ Jan Novak – Have you disappeared? Are you still watching this forum?

    @ Erik – finally, someone has had the foresight to post something which is vital and a piece of this jigsaw. Congratulations

    To all of you – nobody has yet stated who their ‘broker’ was in the first place??

    So basically Barworks are too big for JP Morgan who now can’t handle the volume of cash… amusing.

    And they are having problems sending money to some countries…..hmmmm, I wonder which ones those will be…..

    I’m sorry to tell you I was right by stating the delay in payments would be the first stage but now you, the real investors, if there are any MUST take action. Do as Marksie suggests and be a thorn in their side. Make life as uncomfortable for them as it will be for you if you lose all your money. Do whatever it takes or sit back and watch another multi million dollar fraudulent scheme crash to the ground without any chance of recovering your money.

  81. Jeez, this guy has been busy:

    • Active directorships – 0
    • Resigned directorships – 110
    • Closed directorships – 30


  82. @ Chris – They are the ‘stats’ for Mr. Haddow.

    Huge number of companies spanning multiple market sectors, normally set up and run for a couple of years and then closed down or he moves on to the next thing

  83. Bar Works exhibits the usual trail of smoke, mirrors, lies and confusion. I will bet that very few investors actually have any idea who they have contracted with or how their money has been distributed. I’ve looked at three Bar Works brochures (Jacks in San Francisco, Miami and Istanbul) and this is what I found:

    The guaranteed buy-back after 2 years is in each of the brochures. It is promoted as a safeguard for investors but the reality is that there is no guarantee at all. The text says that Bar Works has the option to buy-back anytime after two years (generally with a 25% profit for investors) IF IT CHOOSES TO. So, if it chooses NOT to buy-back then investors are stuck with the investment.
    However, bearing in mind that the sub-lease term in San Fran and Istanbul is 99 years then Bar Works has the option of buying back anytime between year 3 to year 99. I think you’d be pretty upset if you paid $25,000 today and got back just over $30,000 in 20 or 30 years time, especially if the property has doubled or trebled in value. Bar Works are only ever going to buy-back if there is a big profit in it. If there is then they have ensured that the profit will go to them. If there isn’t a big profit then the investor can keep their sub-lease as far as Bar Works is concerned. In effect investors HAVE NO GUARANTEED BUY-BACK AFTER 2 YEARS.
    Miami is a little different because the sub-lease is only 10 years.

    You might think that is OK if you are getting 15% annual income from the rentals, but here is the bad news. The company responsible for paying your rentals in all three brochures is Bar Works Management Inc. There is no explanation of the role of BWM or how it is able to afford to pay the rentals to investors. One is left to assume that BWM brings in the people who will use the workspace and this will generate enough to pay all investors. But what if this doesn’t happen ? Well, the worst case is that BWM will declare itself insolvent and will close down. Rental payments would stop. That would definitely be bad news for investors. One would think the same would be true for Bar Works, Haddow, Kinard and their accomplices. Actually no, it wouldn’t be bad news for them at all.

    It gets a bit complicated here. Throughout all the brochures they use the term ‘Bar Works’ frequently. However, there are multiple companies involved that all begin with ‘Bar Works’. This is a deliberate ploy to be able to claim in future that they were referring to the different companies and not to Bar Works Inc each time. Confused ? I’ll break it down for you.

    Jacks @ San Fran is apparently owned completely by Bar Works Inc. it says that on page 12 i.e ” The Group (Bar Works Inc) owns the freehold”. But, on page 13 it says that Bar Works Capital LLC owns the freehold. If the brochure is to be believed investors have taken a lease from Bar Works Capital LLC. It is described as ‘a lease’ and not ‘a sub-lease’ which would imply that BWC is the freeholder. We are left to assume that Bar Works Inc must own BWC but we don’t know that for sure. So investors buy a lease from BWC but for some reason the money doesn’t go to BWC. It goes to Bar Works Inc. Why ?
    What was the market value of Jacks ? Does anyone know ? $1m, $2m, $3m ? Well, 300 stations were being sold at $30,000 each which makes $9m income to Bar Works Inc. Whichever way you look at it the investors have just bought a property for Bar Works and put millions in profit into their bank account. When the tenant company BWM goes bust investors have no comeback against Bar Works Inc or BWC. Those companies will carry on without any liability to make rental payments to investors.

    Miami – they don’t own the freehold here. In this case Bar Works @ Miami LLC have taken out a 10-year lease and investors are ‘sub-leasing’ from BW@M. Again, when a person buys a sub-lease they send the money to Bar Works Inc and not BW@M. Why ? This is a very dodgy premises. Bar Works inc are selling 350 stations @ $25,000 each. That’s another cool $8.75m for Bar Works Inc but what are you actually getting. Investors have just paid $8.75m with not even the property as security. Investors have given $8.75m to Bar Works so that they can buy a lease which probably cost them $100k !!
    Let’s say BW@M breaches a condition of the lease and the freehold owner decided to cancel the lease (as he may well be entitled to do). The investor has a SUB-LEASE. If the main leaseholder (BW@M) loses the lease then so do all the sub-lessees. Investors are left with absolutely nothing. Again, there is no comeback against Bar Works Inc and they get to keep the investor’s money.

    Istanbul – another variation. This time the brochure says that the freehold is held by ‘Bar Works Consulting & Office Leasing Services Ltd’. Wow – I wouldn’t want to answer the phone at that company. This company leases it to Bar Works Istanbul LLC. Investors buy sub-leases from BW Istanbul but once again send all the money to Bar Works Inc. The potential dangers are the same as Miami i.e if BW Istanbul loses the lease then investors are left with nothing. You might think that this is unlikely to happen because the owner is BWCOLS and they must all be linked somehow. Don’t you believe it. Haddow’s ventures have taken the life savings of hundreds of people and he won’t hesitate to do it again. one has to wonder why the freeholder BWCOLS didn’t just issue leases direct to investors. Why put BW Istanbul LLC in the middle ? Because it means that investors can have no claim over the property when everything goes bad – that’s why.

    So what can investors do ? The best thing is to put pressure on the salesmen you dealt with. Write emails and put their names on the blogs. Write emails to Bar Works and copy them onto blogs so that everyone can see.

    At the very least you should demand to know the following:

    1. Who are the directors and shareholders of each of the Bar Works companies involved in your investment ?

    2. Look at your brochure. Make sure you know which company is liable for payments to you. Demand to know how your money was distributed once you sent it to Bar Works Inc.

    3. Have you got a clearly defined workstation i.e a plot plan showing exactly what you have leased or sub-leased ? if not, demand one.

    4. But most importantly it is absolutely vital that you are given a copy of the main lease no matter what property you have invested in. This head lease might contain clauses which mean that you could easily lose all your money.

    This announcement by Kinard is unlikely to be a voluntary change of bank by Bar Works Inc. In my opinion it is either the bank refusing to take in more money because they suspect a scam and they don’t want to be associated with Bar Works, or the account has been frozen either by the bank itself or by the US authorities, or new investment has dried up and the Ponzi scheme is unravelling already.

    It is interesting that the tenant company in every case is BWM, but investor’s rental payments are not made by BWM. They are made by Bar Works Inc.

    Sorry for the long post.

  84. @ Marksie – You cannot apologise for a long post if you have explained a very complex and convoluted scam with exact precision! (Big round of applause, possibly a standing ovation)
    I congratulate you on not only finding the edges and insides of the jigsaw but for laying the pieces out ready for someone to simply put the last one in, I.e. Take Action!

    Investors – As Marksie points out, your money goes to Bar Works Inc and your returns (your own money) are paid back to you in increments. by Bar Works Inc…..funny that!!

    I would estimate that Haddow has collected in about $50m through this scheme so hardly surprising they are now ‘buying’ premises to try and show they own assets. However as Marksie rightly points out, it is the investors who have paid for them.

    Name and shame people, name and shame

    Or uk clients go to NCA